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The fondation arp offers its visitors a bookshop area specialized on Arp, Taeuber and their time. They can find poems and writings by Jean Arp, books, children’s books, prints and posters, French and foreign exhibition catalogues, as well as postcards.


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fondation arp's publications


Sophie Taeuber, Rythmes plastiques, réalités architecturales


Fondation Arp, Clamart, 2007,
broché, catalogue 136 pages, 60 pleines pages illustrations couleur.

Prix : 30 €


Published on the occasion of the exhibition at the fondation arp, in 2007. Texts by Jean François Chevrier and Chiara Jaeger. The last French book devoted to Sophie Taeuber dates back to 1989, when she was given a major retrospective at the Musée d'Art Moderne

in the city of Paris. After the exhibition «Dada»

of the Musée National d'art Moderne - Centre Pompidou

in 2005 which highlighted the brilliant place

of Sophie Taeuber (1889-1943) in the Dadaist avant-garde and the genesis of art concret, the book published

by the fondation arp contributes to the overall review

of the artist’s work.


Atelier Jean Arp et Sophie Taeuber


Fondation Arp et les Éditions des Cendres, 2012.
Texte : Renaud Ego,

Format : 225 x 255 mm, 288 pages, 356 illustrations, Impression
quadri sur papier 150g, reliure cartonnée.

Prix : 42 €


A place of life and creation, a space for encounters with the works of art, Clamart’s studio and the exceptional collections it contains is an essential testimony

to the perception and knowledge of the work of Jean Arp and Sophie Taeuber.


While many of the works of the two artists have today

left Clamart for museums or private collections around

the world, the studio of Jean Arp and Sophie Taeuber

is also a source of questions for those who enter

in research of their imaginary museum.
This new book is a response to this expectation. Showing the singular artistic adventure of Jean Arp

and Sophie Taeuber, this publication aims to bring out,

in a sensitive approach, the originality of both their own work and the one they built in common, without always being able to distinguish the part of one from the other.


Arp et Taeuber


Fondation Arp et les Éditions des Cendres, 2014.
Texte de Serge Fauchereau

Format : 240x170 mm, 96 pages, 97 illustrations

Impression quadri sur GardaPat 135 g

Prix : 14 €



Serge Fauchereau provides a relevant and concise

insight into the less known aspects of the work of Jean Arp and Sophie Taeuber. He also evokes their decisive role

in the International Dada and their contribution

in Concrete Art and Abstraction, in particular the role

of Sophie Taeuber in the publication of the magazine Plastic/Plastique.

Intended for a wide audience, this book, easy to handle, encourages to enter the work of the two artists. It is also an introduction to the visit of their studio in Clamart, which the fondation arp has revived since 1979, and which

has no equivalent in France or in the world.


 Jean Arp, François Weil - Entre les lignes du temps


2018, 420 pages

Prix : 50 €

En coédition avec les Éditions des Cendres, Paris


This work is the support of the exhibition held, from winter 2018 to spring 2019, at the foundation, at the same time as at the Vallon Galliera, Fondation d'Auteuil, in Meudon.

A ping-pong of images of works, thoughts, remarks

on the factory of art, on the relationship of the artist

to the world and to the life of our planet.

A dialogue three generations away, which points out

the affinities, but also sometimes the differences, between a sculptor in the midtime of his career, and his great elder of the twentieth century.


books on Jean Arp

and Sophie Taeuber


Jours effeuillés


Gallimard Nrf, Paris, 1966, 670 pages.

Prix : 35,5 €


Beside his universally famous plastic work, the poetic work of Jean Arp (1886-1966) is considerable. This anthology established by Marcel Jean brings together writings in French by Jean Arp, as well as translations that have been published of certain German poems and texts. A set of texts indispensable for the understanding of the work.



Merz 6 ; ARP 1, Prapoganda und Arp


Fac-similé Mouvement Art Libre, 1998, fascicules de 16 pages

Prix : 15 € le fascicule


At the initiative of the Mouvement Art Libre, facsimile reprints

of Kurt Schwitters’ “Merz” magazine was launched in 1998.

It includes the four issues published in 1923 :

n° 1 Holland Dada,

nº 2 i (not available at the Fondation Arp),

nº 4 Banalités (not available at the Fondation Arp),

nº 6 Arp 1 : Prapoganda und Arp


L’Aubette ou la couleur dans l’architecture,


Collectif, Association Theo van Doesburg et Musées de Strasbourg, 2006,
221 pages.

Prix : 32 €


The eighteenth-century Aubette building in Strasburg was refurbished in the 1920s by Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Theo van Doesburg and Jean Arp. This arrangement was one of the most important achievements of De Stijl but also a Dada work. The book places the monument in its historical and artistic context, considering the relationship between color and architecture as central.


Elles font l’abstraction


Catalogue d’exposition, Centre Pompidou, 6 mai - 23 août 2021, Éditions du Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2021, 344 pages.

Prix : 49 €


Most of the exhibitions devoted to the history of abstraction have often downplayed the fundamental role played by women in the development of this trend.

By focusing on the paths of these sometimes unjustly shadowed artists, the exhibition proposes to write another history of art, extended to dance, applied arts, photography, cinema and performative arts. The exhibition thus highlights the decisive turning points that marked this artistic evolution.



Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Today is tomorrow


Catalogue d’exposition, Aargauer Kunsthaus Aarau, Kunsthalle Bielefeld, 2014-2015,
Scheidegger & Spiess, Zurich, 288 pages.

Prix : 58 €


Catalogue of the retrospective organized in Aarau and Bielefeld, this beautiful monograph follows the whole work of Sophie Taeuber Arp, which, marked by geometry and rhythm, embraces all disciplines, from painting and sculpture to the creation of furniture and objects to textile work. Available in English or German.


Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Living abstraction,


Catalogue d’exposition, Kunstmuseum Bâle, MoMA New York, 2021-2022,
Ed The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2021.

Prix : 85 €


Catalogue of the largest retrospective organized to date on Sophie Taeuber-Arp, this richly illustrated book presents her in all her aspects : applied arts, dance, sculpture, architecture, color... studying her from an artistic point of view, by placing her as a pioneer of modern art, as well as from a technical point of view where her gestures, approaches, reflections are analyzed. In English.


Jean Arp, un jour, des années, une vie


Catalogue d’exposition, Musée Pierre-André Benoit, Alès, 2022
Trente et Un, 2020, 112 pages.

Prix : 58 €


Exhibition catalogue, the title of which is in the foreground

of the poem "Jour" which Pierre-André Benoit  dedicates
to Jean Arp in 1954 and which he publishes a year later
with a woodcut of the artist.

This exhibition, a retrospective of Jean Arp’s work, focuses

on certain years – the 1930s and 1960s –

and on certain days documented in the correspondence

between Jean Arp and Pierre-André Benoit.

lithographs, posters


Petite figure de Grasse


36 x 26 cm Sérigraphie de Jean Arp 1957/1958
d’après un collage et un relief en carton (catalogue raisonné Rau nº 330 a, b, c) de 1942.

Exemplaires numérotés et tamponnés « Succession Jean Arp »

Prix : 600 €

Frais d’envoi : nous consulter


Poupée de Grasse


36 x 26 cm Sérigraphie de Jean Arp 1957/1958 d’après un collage et un relief en carton (catalogue raisonné Rau n°330 a, b, c) de 1942.
Exemplaires numérotés et tamponnés « Succession Jean Arp »

Prix : 600 €

Frais d’envoi : nous consulter


Jean Arp, Constellation, 1966


Affiche, Nouvelles Images Éditeurs et Fondation Arp, 1986,
format 49 x 60 cm.

Prix: 30 €

Frais d’envoi : nous consulter


poster exhibition « Hans Arp »


Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart, Allemagne, 1986,

format 60 x 84 cm.

Prix : 50 €

Frais d’envoi : nous consulter


poster exhibition « Sophie Taeuber-Arp.

Reliefs, Collagen, Gouachen, Zeichnunge Grafik »


Erker-Galerie, St. Gallen, Suisse, 1985,

format 43 x 70 cm.

Prix : 20 €

Frais d’envoi : nous consulter

rare of out-of-print books


Hans/Jean Arp. Le temps des papiers déchirés


Catalogue exposition Musée national d’art moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, 26 janvier 1983 - 28 mars 1983, Éditions Centre Pompidou, Paris, 1983, 80 pages, illustrations noir et blanc.

Prix : 45 €

Frais d’envoi : nous consulter


This catalogue includes the reproduction of a large number of exhibited works: sculptures, reliefs, collages, inks and prints as well as documentary photos of the artist, critical studies and a selection of quotes by Jean Arp.




Catalogue exposition, Centre Georges Pompidou, 5 octobre 2005 - 9 janvier 2006, Éditions du Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2005, 1024 pages, 2000 illustrations noir et blanc et couleurs.

Prix : 200 €

Frais d’envoi : nous consulter


Designed as a "dada directory", in the style of a directory printed

on fine paper, the book brings together the most complete set

of documents, correspondence, works participating in the dada spirit, including a large number of unpublished works.

It represents a major documentation on the years 1915-1924 during which Marcel Duchamp, Picabia, Man Ray, Kurt Schwitters, Hannach Höch, Jean Arp, Hans Richter ... defined the main lines of their artistic practice.


Cinéma calendrier du cœur abstrait Maisons


TZARA, Tristan, dessins de Arp, Fac-similé sur papier Rives avec 19 bois de Arp, au tirage limité à 1000 exemplaires, publié à Ann Harbor (Etats Unis) par Thomas Press en 1982. En français, dont 5 pages du texte de Tzara traduit en américain par Mary Ann Caws.

Prix : 130 €

Frais d’envoi : nous consulter


The most beautiful dada book! Cinema is the most accomplished example of the Dadaist book by the layout of the 19 woodcuts by Arp, by the balance of text and image.


Jean Arp, L’Invention de la forme


Catalogue exposition, Palais des Beaux-arts, Bruxelles. Fonds Mercator, Anvers, 2004, 191 pages.

Prix : 75 €


Catalogue of the exhibition at the Palais des Beaux-arts in Brussels, 2004. One of the few publications in French where Jean Arp is presented through his sculptures, reliefs, drawings, and all the art forms he has developed.

dada movement


Archives Dada-Chronique


DACHY, Marc, Paris, Hazan, 2005, 575 pages, 400 illustrations couleur.

Prix : 75 €


Marc Dachy proposes to the reader the original texts, theoretical

and manifest statements, memories and testimonies, which give access to read  the history of this movement, in its complete and scientific construction.


Dada, the Revolt of Art


DACHY Marc, Thames & Hudson, Londres, 2005, 128 pages.

Prix : 14,70 €


Published on the occasion of the exhibition Dada at the Centre Georges Pompidou, this richly illustrated book retraces the history

of the movement by historian Marc Dachy. In English.


Dada. Antidada. Merz. Arp. Schwitters. Hausmann


CD Audio, présenté par Marc Dachy. 25 pistes, Sub Rosa, Belgique.

Prix : 19 €


Original recordings of Hans Arp, Kurt Schwitters
and Raoul Hausmann : 25 Dada works.


Dada & les dadaïsmes


DACHY Marc, Gallimard folio essais, Paris, 2011, 880 pages.
Réédition de l’ouvrage de référence, revue et augmentée.

Prix : 13 €


Dadaism is the insurrection launched in Switzerland,

which extends from Europe to Japan, to rethink in a complete

new way poetry, drawing, painting, sculpture and many artistic expressions, spreading to the present day in the claims of contemporary art.


Memorabilia ; Dada & surréalisme 1916 - 1970


SEBBAG, Georges, Cercle d’art, Paris, 2010, 408 pages.

Prix : 27,50 €


It is to an imaginative and synthetic approach, that we owe

the constitution by two art lovers of an original collection

of two hundred works created by ninety surrealist artists,

dadas or related.


Expressionnisme, dada, surréalisme et autres ismes


FAUCHEREAU Serge, Denoël, Paris, 2001 (1976), 564 pages.

Prix : 28 €


Serge Fauchereau invites us to a intellectual journey through

the literary, plastic and musical bustle of Europe

from the 1900s to the 1940s.


Courrier Dada


HAUSMANN Raoul, Allia, Paris, 2004, 192 pages, 32 illustrations.

Prix : 23 €


In this text written in 1958, the «dadasoph» of the Berlin group Raoul Hausmann gives the testimony of one of the most authentic creators of the dada movement.


Anna Blume


SCHWITTERS Kurt, Poèmes, Ivrea, Paris, 1994, 96 pages. Édition établie par Marc Dachy. Traduction :
Marc Dachy et Corinne Graber.

Prix :10,67 €


The fame of Merz’s creator came first from his writings and in particular from the book Anna Blume, published in 1919. Collage, elementary poetry, coded allusions, abstract texts, Anna Blume was Kurt Schwitters' first major creation.


i (manifestes théoriques & poétiques)


SCHWITTERS Kurt, Ivrea, Paris, 1994, 128 pages. Établie par Marc Dachy. Traduction : Marc Dachy et Corinne Graber. 30 illustrations noir et blanc.

Prix :12,20 €


This volume, which presents a selection of texts from all available sources, reveals Schwitters as a writer, poet and theorist.


Sur Dada. Essai sur l’expérience dadaïste

de l’image.


SERS Philippe, Entretiens avec Hans Richter, Éditions Jacqueline Chambon, Nîmes, 1997, 232 pages.

Prix : 21,35 €


The interviews with Hans Richter evoke what was really the thought and life of the Dada movement, with its actors, and the most important personalities of the international avant-garde.


Cinéma calendrier du cœur abstrait maisons


TZARA Tristan, dessins de Arp (1920), fac-similé, postface de Henri Béhar, 84 pages, 205 x 250 mm, Dilecta, Paris, 2005.

Prix : 45 €


For aesthetes, bibliophiles, collectors of Dadaism, there is no doubt: this large-format is the most beautiful of Dada books. Cinema is the most complete example of the Dadaist book by the presence of the 19 woodcuts by Arp, by their varied layout on the page, by the balance of text and image.


Vingt-cinq poèmes


TZARA Tristan, illustré par Hans Arp (1918), fac-similé, postface de Henri Béhar, 64 pages, 150 x 205 mm, Dilecta, Paris, 2006.

Prix : 20 €

Tirage de tête : 60 €


In 1918, Arp (1886-1966) illustrated the 25 Poems of his friend Tristan Tzara in the now famous DADA collection in Zurich. Written between 1915 and 1918, initially edited in 10 copies by the anarchist printer J. Heuberger in Zurich, these are, with those of «Mr. Antipyrine», the first Dadaist poems of Tzara.


La première aventure céleste de M Antripyrine


TZARA Tristan, fac-similé, postface de Henri Béhar, couverture et illustrations de Marcel Janco.
24 pages, 16,5 x 23,5 cm, Dilecta, Paris, 2005.

Prix : 16 €


This strangely entitled publication is Tzara’s first work, published in Zurich. Dazzling with originality, this rare book, finally reprinted in facsimile, was born from the complicity between Tristan Tzara, his friend Marcel Janco, whose engraved woodcuts are reproduced in color, and the anarchist printer Julius Heuberger.


Sept manifestes dada


TZARA Tristan, fac-similé, postface de Henri Béhar, illustrations de Francis Picabia, 108 pages,

13,7 x 19 cm, Dilecta, Paris, 2005.

Prix : 36 €


The results of Dada, counter-fire to emerging surrealism, the "Sept manifestes dada", interspersed with the facetious drawings of Picabia, keep all their explosive freshness.


Almanach Dada


Édité par Richard HUELSENBECK, Les Presses du Réel, 2005, 404 pages.

Prix : 17 €


Huelsenbeck, which proclaimed the first Dada manifesto in 1918, published this historical anthology in 1920. This book shows how dada is synonymous with disobedience, civil disobedience and a global refusal of compromises, attacking all the isms and the various ideological approaches.


Des Dadas lus dans l’œil de l’un d’eux : Hans Richter


Catalogue d’exposition, Galerie Thessa Herold, Paris, 2016, 176 pages,

Prix : 28,75 €


This exhibition, whose pretext is the centenary of Dada’s birth in Zurich in 1916, is above all a tribute to Hans Richter. Text by Serge Fauchereau. Each work reproduced in colour is accompanied by a critical text by Hans Richter: Works by Arp, Schwitters, H. Richter, Klee, R. Hausmann, M. Duchamp, L. Kassàk, etc.

other books


Chroniques d’art


APOLLINAIRE Guillaume, Flammarion, Paris, 1993, 623 pages.

Prix : 9,20 €


Presented in chronological order, from 1902 to 1918,

all of Apollinaire’s art critics.

A panorama of his aesthetic ideas, and of his role

in the development of modern art.


Projet d’histoire littéraire contemporaine


ARAGON Louis, Gallimard, Paris, 1994, établie à partir du manuscrit original inédit de 1923, 192 pages,
10 illustrations.

Prix :17,50 €


Arising from the Dada period of 1920-1923, here are the last unpublished pages of Aragon, forbidden publications entitled

“Contemporary Literary History Project,” according to Marc Dachy, who prepared and prefaced this edition.


Le surréalisme et la peinture


BRETON André, Gallimard folio essais, Paris, 1965, 560 pages.

Prix : 14 €


This edition brings together all the historical and critical essays devoted by André Breton to plastic expression, following his two major initial texts: the Manifesto of Surrealism of 1924 and the Surrealism and Painting of 1928.


Bryen et ses amis. Ubac, Arp, Wols


Galerie Thessa Herold, Paris, 2005.

Prix : 15 €


Texts and reproductions of works by Camille Bryen, Raoul Ubac,
and Wols.


Hommes et mouvements esthétiques du XXe siècle


FAUCHEREAU Serge, Cercle d’Art - Diagonales, Paris, 2005, 35 illustrations couleur, 282 illustrations noir et blanc, 464 pages.

Prix : 30 €


Denise René defended constructive abstraction with Arp,
Herbin, Magnelli. Her exhibitions have proved to be milestones
in the history of art.


Avant-Gardes du XXe siècle


FAUCHEREAU Serge, Arts et Littérature 1905-1930, Flammarion, 2010,

588 pages.

Prix : 49 €


An encyclopedia that brings together the greatest avant-garde currents of the twentieth century but also the most confidential.

With a sustained documentation associated with beautiful illustrations, the author offers a history of art, inherent

to the social changes of the time, causing an artistic effervescence wishing to make a clean slate of the past.


Lettres à...


HONEGGER Gottfried, Éditions Jacqueline Chambon Critiques d’Art, Paris, 2003, 126 pages.

Prix : 20 €


Gottfried Honegger, visual artist, sculptor is one of the most important representatives of international concrete art. He is the founder of the Espace de l'Art Concret, in Mouans-Sartoux. His letters to artists of the past as well as to contemporaries illuminate his thought and art.


Lunapark, nº 1


Nouvelle série, janvier 2003, 336 pages.

Prix : 32 €


Review directed by Marc Dachy. Numerous contributions and reprints of important texts, including «the origin of Merz» by Kurt Schwitters, or «Visit to Jean Arp» by Pierre Descargues.


Lunapark, nº 2


Nouvelle série, hiver 2004- 2005, 268 pages.

Prix : 32 €


n this second issue, there are covers of texts and contributions

on Hannah Höch, Raoul Hausmann, Schwitters, Gertrude Stein, Yves Klein, as well as an important article by Bernard Blistène

on Dada.


Les couples mythiques de l’art


VIRCONDELET Alain, Beaux-Arts éditions, 2011, 215 pages.

Prix : 29 €


If the artist is often associated with the image of the solitary genius, everything to his creation, many of his works nevertheless bear

the mark of his love life.

Exciting life stories that bring together the small and large history

of art, and make it possible to rediscover the most beautiful masterpieces in the light of the feeling of love.

children's book


Delaunay. La Tour Eiffel


Atelier des enfants et Musée national d’art moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, l’Art en Jeu, Paris, 1987, 32 pages illustrées.

Prix : 12,20 €


The Eiffel Tower is one of the favourite subjects of the painter Robert Delaunay. Games of shapes and colors make understand how the painter grasped it with his brushes.


Petit-Bleu et Petit-Jaune


LIONI Pipo, Lutin poche de l’École des Loisirs, Paris, 2003,
46 pages illustrées.

Prix : 5,50 €


A great classic of children’s books.

contemporary sculpture


Agnès Bracquemond


8 avril - 21 mai 1994, Galerie Vieille du Temple, 29 mai-4 septembre 1994, Fondation Arp, 16 pages.

Prix : 2,50 €


Parvine Curie


Association des amis de Sophie Taeuber et Jean Arp, Meudon, 1993¸ 72 pages.

Prix : 7 €


Fachard , Sculptures


Meudon, 2002, Musée de Meudon, 126 pages.

Prix : 30 €


Vents et double vue. Esther Hess ;

Verena von Hugo ; Heike Ponwitz


Catalogue d’exposition, 18 juin - 10 septembre 1995, Fondation Arp, 10 septembre - 26 novembre 1995, Centre d’arts plastiques Albert Chanot,

32 pages.

Prix : 7 €


Charles Le Bars


Catalogue exposition, Fondation Arp, 18 septembre - 8 janvier 1998,

28 pages.

Prix :7 €


François Stahly


Catalogue exposition du Musée d’art et d’Histoire, Meudon, Orangerie du Château de Meudon, Fondation Arp, 1994, 74 pages.

Prix : 11 €

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