photographic loan


The photo library of the fondation arp is the richest collection of biographical photographs presenting

Jean Arp and Sophie Taeuber, as well as their works.

The request for a high definition digital visual,

for reproduction in a publication, a press article,

a documentary film, or any communication medium,

is subject to the approval of the Foundation.

Loan requests can be sent by email


Requests must include a presentation of the project

with a summary of its purpose.

In case of agreement, a copy of the publication

in which the work is reproduced, must be sent

to the fondation arp within the month following

its release.

Technical fees will be charged by the Foundation

to send a high quality digital file from its archives.

The works and image of Jean Arp are submitted

reproduction rights, collected by the ADAGP,

and returned to the rights holders. The applicant must make the necessary steps with this organization -

The authorization of the fondation arp is valid

for only one use; in case of reprint or reissue,

a new request is required.


legal notice

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