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The fondation arp is an artist foundation, which Jean Arp had wished to create and outlined several years before his death. Created in 1978 on the initiative of his second wife, Marguerite Arp-Hagenbach, the Fondation is dedicated to

the dissemination and protection of its exceptional collection, as well as the promotion of the cultural heritage of Jean Arp and Sophie Taeuber, in France and abroad.

The fondation arp has been recognized as a public utility

by decree of July 17th 1979, amended by decree

June 10th, 1997. Its collections received the

«musée de France» label by order of March 9th 2004.


a historical studio


The fondation arp is established in the studio of Jean Arp and Sophie Taeuber.

In this historic site steeped in magic and poetry, miraculously preserved, the visitor discovers the scope of the artistic heritage of these two important creators.

It is one of the rare examples of a house of artists who survived the disappearance of its actors.


In 1929, Jean Arp and Sophie Taeuber settled at the edge of the forest of Meudon, in a studio-house designed by Sophie Taeuber. A compact volume and designed façades, the house already shows the artist’s desire to combine the arts with everyday life, through research uniting aesthetics and functionality.

In this place of creation, these two pioneers of Dadaism and concrete art deepened their work, influencing each other, marking with some works realized in common their deep affinities.

A place for encounters, exchanges of ideas and launch of various initiatives, where, alongside Swiss, German and American collectors, their friends met, artists and writers of the Avant-Gardes : Max Ernst, Hans Richter,

Nelly et Theo van Doesburg, Kurt Schwitters, Joan Miro, Tristan Tzara, Marcel Duchamp, Georges Hugnet,

Francis et Gabrielle Picabia, James Joyce, André Breton, Marcel Jean, Philippe Soupault, Paul Eluard, René Char, Robert et Sonia Delaunay, Michel Seuphor,

Alberto et Susie Magnelli, Camille Bryen, Maurice Ravel, to name a few.


an international recognition


World’s largest museums regularly use the collections

of the fondation arp to build or enhance their temporary exhibitions.

By the number and quality of its archives, its documentary, photographic and bibliographic collections, as well as

its knowledge accumulated over time, the fondation arp

is a internationally renowned reference center.

It welcomes researchers of all nationalities.

Professionals from around the world appeal its expertise for the authentication of works by Jean Arp

and Sophie Taeuber.


other institutions dedicated
to jean arp and sophie taeuber


Two other institutions are devoted to Jean Arp's and Sophie Taeuber's work :


the Fondazione Marguerite Arp in Locarno, Switzerland


the Stiftung Arp e.V. in Berlin, Germany


Also, the Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolanseck in Remagen, Germany, devotes a large part of his presentation

to the work of Jean Arp.




The "Châtaigniers" triangle


A few steps from the fondation arp, an isolated place delimited by three streets (rues des Châtaigniers, des Fougères et du Cèdre) has attracted artists and architecture enthousiasts. Several architect houses can be found :

- Chemetov and Déroche : 33 rue des Châtaigniers

- Lecaron : houses at 24, 20 et 6 rue des Fougères

To see these houses from the fondation arp just climb

the rue des Châtaigniers.


Theo van Doesburg house


A 5-minute walk from the Foundation leads to 29 rue Charles Infroit in Meudon, where the Van Doesburg house is settled. Contemporary of Sophie Taeuber’s studio-house, this avant-garde building exemplifies
the architecture of the 1920s.

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