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vivre et créer

This new exhibition from the Fondation Arp, presented from February 2nd to November 24th, 2024, will immerse visitors in the intimacy of a couple emblematic of 20th century art. They will be able to discover how the place was designed, how the work and daily life of the two creators are articulated.

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past exhibitions



sophie taeuber-arp,

plastique, multiple, unique

april 15th - december 22nd 2023

On the occasion of the eighties anniversary of the death of Sophie Taeuber-Arp (1889-1943), the Fondation Arp pays tribute to this pioneer of the Avant-Garde through an exhibition highlighting the extent of her work in multiple fields of creation within the house-workshop
she designed, which was for her and for Jean Arp their home of creation, a framework of abundant production.

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plasters' studio

Renovation of the second plaster studio.

After several months of waiting and some painting
on the wall, the second studio of the Foundation’s
garden returns to its original function : to present
the casts of Jean Arp. In a search for clarity and space, plasters abound, dialogue. They discuss vegetal and human themes, the small casts playing under the supervision of their big cousins.


exhibitions abroad


form follows nature - biomorphisme

27 septembre 2023 - 30 mars 2025

Valence, Madrid, Barcelone, Saragosse



17 octobre 2023 - 20 mai 2024

Musée de l'Homme, Paris


idoles, dialogue de l'antique et du moderne

18 octobre 2023 – mars 2025

Musée national d'art moderne

- Centre Pompidou, Paris


accrochage "idoles, dialogue de l'antique et du moderne"

photo centre pompidou, mnam-cci/audrey laurans

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