With nearly 1,400 works, complemented by about

150 deposits, mainly from the Musée National d'Art Moderne - Centre Pompidou, the fondation arp collection shows every aspect of the many artistic forms developed by Sophie Taeuber and Jean Arp.

Sculptures, paintings, furniture, drawings, art objects,

and even poetry come together in a play on colours

and materials, allowing visitors to immerse themselves

in the scope of the artistic diversity of these two pioneers of Dadaism.


The studio-house was built from Sophie Taeuber's plans between 1927 and 1929. On the two upper levels are bright rooms with large volumes. These are precisely

the studio spaces - Taeuber on the first floor, Arp

on the street level - when the garden level, darker

and lower ceiling, was reserved for everyday

living spaces.

It is in this studio-house that the visitor can now discover

a dialogue between Jean Arp's and Sophie Taeuber's works, imagining them composing their score

with four hands.


After World War II and the accidental death of

Sophie Taeuber, Jean Arp and his new wife,

Marguerite Hagenbach, expanded the Clamart site

by acquiring the neighbouring house and building

two new studios in the garden.

The studio-house of Sophie Taeuber then becomes

a large living space, Arp working his plasters

in these new studios.

This function is now restored, as visitors can enjoy

the shapes of nearly a hundred plaster sculptures, responding to the bronzes displayed in the garden.

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