authentication of works

of jean arp and sophie taeuber


Thanks to the richness of its archives and the experience acquired over the last twenty years, the foundation

is internationally recognized for its expertise

as regards the authentication of works

of Jean Arp and Sophie Taeuber.


authentification process

The request for authentication of an work

supposably by Jean Arp or Sophie Taeuber starts

with this downloadable form.

This completed form must be accompanied by photographs of the work and any signatures, foundry marks, labels, etc. These documents are integrated

into the archives of the fondation arp.

Applications are sent by mail to the Foundation or


Researches are charged 660 € per work presented.

They begin on receipt of the payment by wire transfer

to the banking account of the foundation arp.

The payment will be retained even if the work is proven not to be of the hand of Arp or Taeuber.

In some cases, the Foundation requests the work

be physically presented.


certificate of authenticity

For the issuance of a certificate of authenticity,

the work must be presented physically

at the fondation arp.

The cost for establishing a certificate

of authenticity is 1400 €.


Exceptionally, for the most complex cases, the Foundation may request support of the comité arp taeuber,

after agreement of the owner of the work concerned.

A supplement of € 300 will be requested.




The Fondation Arp does not issue duplicate of certificates.

The Fondation Arp does not issue a certificate of authenticity for plaster works.

The Fondation Arp does not provide estimates of the works.



Information of any kind from the archives

of the Fondation Arp and the results of the research

are strictly confidential and for the exclusive use

of the recipient. Any communication to a third party

is prohibited.


legal notice

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