jean-michel fichot

in the fondation arp


Clamart artists studios open days

October 8th & 9th 2022, 2 PM - 7 PM


On the occasion of these days,
the organization of which was born in Clamart a generation ago, the association
des amis de Sophie Taeuber et Jean Arp invites the sculptor Jean-Michel Fichot
to present some of his recent works alongside the workshops of the two artists.


It is no coincidence that he is exceptionally received this year by the fondation arp.
In 1986, at events organized by the city
to celebrate the centenary of his birth,
the Jean Arp prize was awarded to him
by a jury composed of
Marguerite Arp-Hagenbach, Jean Bazaine, Greta Stroeh, now missing, Philippe Piguet, Dominique Abensour, Claude-Anne Chappey - then deputy mayor for culture. This prize, from the Enfeus series, is now on display at the Henri Dutilleux conservatory in Clamart.


His references to ancient and modern masters, his knowledge and interest in some of his contemporaries may have influenced him, and his work, tense between figuration and abstraction, is always very particular and original.

Tireless worker, mastering, apart from
the direct cut, all the techniques of sculpture, fruits of his studies at the School of Applied Arts Duperré then that of the Beaux-Arts
of Paris, perfectionist practitioner,
he particularly liked the bronze,
from which he carved and patinated
his pieces. Lacquer and ceramics are
also present in his work, as is engraving, notably the linocut from which he makes large masterpieces.

From the beginning, figuration is always present in his work evolving to the limit
of abstraction. Proceeding by collections, alignments, repetitions, light and subtle distortions, by series or themes, the female figure is omnipresent, with generosity
and amplitude.

She dances, whether alone, woman-leaf, curves, flattening of form, exuberance
of anamorphosis create movement.

They dance, whether grouped together,
in three or more graces, the deformations progressing or evolving and singular, aligned in a row, sometimes alanced or ecstatic.

In an interview with Marie-Claude Lambotte, he says, “Remove annoys me, I prefer
to add”, and concludes by adding
“I am a modeler”.


This exhibition at the fondation arp,
of which Jean-Michel Fichot is delighted
and which he has specially composed,
is very short. t is the beginning, in time
and importance, of the one he will create
in the second quarter of 2023
at the museum of the Fondation
de Coubertin, emblematic place
of any sculptor.

Admirer of the work of Jean Arp, who loved Sophie and Jean’s home-workshop, his sculpture garden, this place of serenity,
this “jewel at the edge of the forest”,

he will join the equally iconic Berger
des nuages, which was cast in Coubertin more than 10 years ago.


Jean-Michel Fichot's website

It was almost a century ago that in 21 rue des Châtaigniers

Sophie Taeuber and Jean Arp received their friends.

It was almost a century ago that the fondation arp

was created, on the initiative of Marguerite Arp-Hagenbach, surrounded by Greta Stroeh, their friends.

It was almost thirty years ago that many artists, art professionals and defenders of the heritage of the twentieth century gathered around the Foundation,

uniting means and energies thanks to Greta Stroeh, constituting an association des amis de sophie taeuber

et jean arp.


It’s often in moments of adversity that solidarity

and commitment are manifested.

There are still personalities within the Association

to have known and lived sometimes in a familiar way,

or simply along with the founders Marguerite Arp-Hagenbach and Greta Stroeh.


The Friends' Associacion is intimately linked to life

of the fondation arp. Its mission is to support

it in all its actions, to help it enrich its collections

and to promote the work of these two great artists

of the 20th century.

The intimacy between the Foundation and the Association

is comparable to this emblematic sculpture of works

in duo Arp-Taeuber, «Jalon», dated 1938.


Jalon : a sheet of wood planted in earth to take

an alignment or mark a direction, to fix the ideas,

to prepare the paths…

Like a knot, two hands entwined...

This baton that takes a fraction of a second

with the hand of one to that of the other to continue

the way in the same direction, for the same purpose.

The Association helps to disseminate the richness

of the collection and to discover the charm of this unique place, the jewel that is «the studio-house at the edge

of the forest».


In this context the Association receives the schoolchildren

in discovery visits and sensitive approaches.

It participates in various events such as Patrimonial

days ; it helps the reception of visitors on Saturdays

and Sundays, the members of the Association becoming this year actors more than members, invited to share their enthusiasm with the discovering or even erudite public...


It contributes to the organization of exhibitions,

offers conferences and trips and informs its members

of the activity of the fondation arp

Recently, the association des amis sophie taeuber et jean arp has been reconstituted with updated statutes,

efficient and simple rules of procedure, a board of executives that meets much more than previous years, composed of ten members and an active office.


Unfortunately the administration of the association of friends of Sophie and Jean lacks gender parity... what she regrets!! very sincerely!!! but faute de mieux…!!

and also regrets that there are more baby boomers

that it should...



Joining the association des amis de sophie taeuber
et jean arp
you participate in the project and in the very meaning of the fondation arp : the knowledge and the influence of the work of these two great artists of the twentieth century


And if sometimes it is raining, pouring, bucketing arpian drops above the Shepherd of clouds...


is the water of the afterlife

mixed with the wine of this life




join the association des amis

de sophie taeuber et jean arp


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association des amis

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claude chappey



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élisabeth scheurer



mirela ionesco



ava stroeh

deputy secretary


françoise lecat


marie-madeleine martineau


étienne robial


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